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Drake's Past Lyrics Stir Speculation About His Alleged Connection to XXXTentacions Murder

In 2023, Canadian artist Drake found himself entangled in the aftermath of the XXXTentacion murder trial, with his older lyrics resurfacing to raise questions about his potential involvement in the case. The lyrics from Drake's tracks "I'm Upset" and "On BS" had rekindled suspicions and sparked a renewed interest in his role in the tragic events that transpired over a year ago.

The controversy centers around Drake's verse in "I'm Upset," where he raps, "SMS, triple X. That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck. Why you keep on shooting if you know that n—- dead?" These lyrics, once again under scrutiny, hint at a connection to XXXTentacion's demise and have reignited speculation about Drake's ties to the case.

Adding to the suspicion, Drake's earlier track "On BS" featuring 21 Savage includes the line, "If he held his tongue on that live, he’d be alive again, d—." These words, now revisited in the context of the past events, are being interpreted in different lights, stirring further controversy about Drake's possible knowledge of the circumstances surrounding XXXTentacion's death.

Despite the passage of time since the events unfolded, the echoes of Drake's lyrics continue to reverberate, prompting renewed interest in his role as a potential witness or suspect in the XXXTentacion case.

As the legal proceedings cast a retrospective gaze on Drake's past statements, the question of his innocence or culpability remains an open-ended inquiry, shrouded in the shadows of uncertainty and speculation. As the world remembers the legacy of XXX, the suspicion remains on Drake and the lingering mystery surrounding the implications of his lyrical content in the context of the XXXTentacion case. Will the revelations from the past shed new light on Drake's alleged involvement, or will several years have to pass like in the case of Diddy before the truth comes to light?


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