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UN Peace & Security; So Close & Yet So Far Away

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

UN Peace & Security; So Close & Yet So Far Away
UN Peace & Security; So Close & Yet So Far Away

Never before in the history of mankind has there been a more noble quest than the pursuit of peace and security. However, since the dawn of human civilization, man has been plagued by war, terrorism, genocide, and violence, mostly fueled by bias based on religious creed, belief, or faith.

How many wars today are backed by religion?

Despite the narrative in Matthew White's The Great Big Book of Horrible Things that only "6.98% of wars fought by men had religion as their primary cause," and the Huffington Post claim that the "vast numbers of genocides (those killed in ethic cleanses, purges, etc. that are not connected to a declared war) are not based on religion;" these statements are not based on reality or the facts.

Today, all major global conflicts including genocide, terrorism, and war are fueled by the religious majority who make up and support a major political party in that country. The dominant religion offers the full support of the church, temple, or shine and encourage political leaders and citizens alike to take up arms in the name of "their" God.

As a result, global conflicts are on the rise and have engulfed the world in the bloodiest decade of human existence.

A recent report by Court Magazine submitted to the United Nations in 2021, outlines how today’s major global conflicts are being backed, supported, and instigated by the religious majority.

Images of Adolf Hitler meeting representatives of the Vatican were used in Nazi propaganda
Hitler & Vatican Representatives

The report acknowledges how so many people are quick to denounce Germany's role in Nazi concentration camps that resulted in the murder of some 6 million Jews, but how many quickly dismiss or ignore the role the Catholic Church played during the holocaust, helping Hitler secure power and position in Germany while encouraging Catholic Germans to support Hitler's agenda. It reveals that it was only when Hitler began to invade neighboring countries, thus, negatively impacting the Church's interest in those countries, that the Pope denounced Hitler, but never doing so publicly. However, before that, the Catholic Church even sent birthday greetings to Hitler and never used their voice to stop Hitler until the damage was already done.

Most revealing in the report is that when Hitler threatened to kill the Jews living in Rome, the Jewish religious leaders went to the Pope to ask for money to pay to Hitler. The Pope, who is worth billions of dollars, did not give the Jew’s leaders the money, but instead, offered them a loan.

The report continued that even when Rome was being bombed during WWII, the Pope did not use his time to offer a word of encouragement to the peoples, but instead, ran to the money vaults!

In the official report submitted to the United Nations by Court Magazine, multiple documented cases of recent and present global conflicts and their religious backing are powerfully documented.

So, while the United Nations has the noblest goal of peace and security in 2021, it’s clear that war, terrorism, genocide, and violence will continue unchecked unless the United Nations tackles the root of the problem, namely, mainstream religious organizations who hide behind their “faith” to carry out these documented crimes against humanity.

A video documentary report also tackles the role that mainstream religious organizations play in global human trafficking and sex slavery.

The report even covers the extreme economic advantages to eliminating mainstream religious institutions that promote war, hate, terrorist acts and the like, and using trillions of their untaxed dollars to stimulate a dying global economy.


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