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UN called to protect children being forced to marry at 12 in Vatican City

The age of consent to marry is 12 at Vatican City, the lowest age in Europe.

The United Nations is now being called to act on behalf of children and hold the Vatican responsible for their defiant stand against human rights and child safety.

The Vatican came under investigation by the UN back in 2018, following thousand of confirmed reports of sexual abuse cover-up.

At that time, the UN stated that they would hold the Vatican accountable internationally for failure to comply with more transparency.

However, that investigation did little to save the children from being sexually assaulted legally under Vatican law that allows children as young as 12 to be married.

The United Nations has failed to protect youths from sexual abuse from religious leaders including leaders of multiple major domination's and faiths, leaving youths unprotected internationally.

To combat child abuse, advocate and human rights reporter, Joseph Bonner released a documentary, in short, outlining the responsibility of the UN to act on behalf of children and humanity by implementing real legal consequences for religious organizations that have failed humanity.


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