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The U.S. & Great Britain Could End Global Poverty If They Really Wanted To. Here's How

Updated: Jul 21, 2023



We request that mainstream religious organizations' tax-free status be eliminated for their political involvement and willful violation of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights' articles adopted by the UN member states in 1966. As they are in violation of this treaty, all mainstream religious organizations have legally forfeited their tax-free status. The funds seized from these organizations should be utilized to eradicate global poverty and bring stability to the global economy. Major religious organizations are sitting on vast amounts of tax-free dollars. They have amassed gold, precious metals, and likely have undisclosed wealth that is not currently being reported to government agencies. According to Time Magazine, bankers estimated the Vatican's wealth to be between $10-15 billion in 1965. However, considering the presence of undisclosed assets and priceless artifacts and paintings dating back centuries, this figure may be significantly underestimated. The Vatican could potentially possess trillions of dollars, all tax-free. Multiple reports indicate that Jewish synagogues individually generate millions of dollars each year. If we were to combine the wealth of all Jewish synagogues globally, we would be talking about billions to trillions of dollars in tax-free wealth. Even Buddhist temples individually have the ability to generate millions of dollars annually. When multiplied by the hundreds of thousands of temples internationally, we once again arrive at billions and trillions of dollars in tax-free wealth. Reuters reports from Thailand suggest that some of these temples are not accurately reporting their wealth and have faced allegations of money laundering from government officials. This has led to further legal complications for religious leaders.

The hundreds of thousands of Hindu temples are in the same situation, collecting millions of dollars in donations and having gold reserves in banks. According to research, the Tirupati Balaji temple alone collects 180 million dollars a month, not including gold reserves. If you were to multiply this wealth by the hundreds of thousands of Hindu temples worldwide, it would amount to trillions of dollars. The construction of Masjid al Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, reportedly cost a total of 100 billion dollars, leading some to speculate that its net worth is in the trillions. When you consider the cost of construction, daily donations, and gold reserves, it is estimated that Muslim mosques globally possess trillions of tax-free dollars. THE POINT For the past 80 years, the United Nations has tirelessly worked to combat hunger and poverty worldwide. They often collaborate with international religious organizations to provide essential aid to starving families. However, the problem persists and has worsened in 2022. These very organizations, despite having the resources to eradicate hunger entirely, choose to accumulate wealth while the masses suffer and perish. Such actions are characteristic of their mismanagement of influence. In addition to hindering international peace and security by promoting war, terrorism, and turning a blind eye to sexual assault by prominent members, they also hoard wealth while people endure hunger, malnutrition, and starvation. By utilizing established UN articles to censor and eliminate the global threat and using their resources to eradicate "World Hunger," the UN has the potential to establish global peace and security and eradicate world hunger. It's a win-win situation for the international community.

Although we feel this article has been both candid and pointed, we feel it necessary to say again that the elimination of religious leaders and their organizations in no way will eliminate religious freedom. Globally, people would still have the freedom to worship. However, the organizations that have been behind the greatest atrocities of mankind will no longer exist to cause more harm to the human family. Today, the world is tired of war, genocide, and sexual abuse by religious leaders and their powerful organizations. People don't want to fight for basic resources while their leaders live in shameless luxury. They want better, and they deserve better. It is up to the United States and Great Britain to lead the charge at the United Nations and demand justice for the international community. The world must recognize the US and Great Britain again as the leaders in international change for peace and security. If the US and Great Britain take their stand, the world will follow, and the Anglo-American powerhouse will forever be admired for the role they played in eliminating war, hate, and poverty internationally. It is a legacy they and the United Nations simply can't pass on! To make this a reality, they must be brave enough to no longer turn a blind eye to the Vatican and their religious counterparts. They must stand once and for all on behalf of mankind and go down in history! This request and appeal were brought to the floor of the United Nations back in 2021 by Court Magazine's Chief White House Correspondent, Joseph Bonner.


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