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Black man gunned down by white nightclub owner amid George Floyd Protest in Nebraska

Jake Gardner & James Surlock | Credit: Facebook

Nebraska - James Surlock along with his brother were protesting yesterday over George Floyd’s death by Police Officer Derek Chavin, when he was shot in the neck two times.

According to witnesses, Surlock started going out and protesting 2 days ago near 32nd and Dodge.

In the evening, Surlock was confronted by Jake Gardner, Owner of Gatsby’s dance & night club bar.

After a short physical altercation shown in the video, Gardner shoots Surlock twice in the neck.

According to Aimlys Esso, a woman at the scene, who is EMT, described James as being unconscious in pool of water bleeding out of his neck. He turned purple to gray and then stopped breathing.

According to a witness on scene, cops waited before they started compression.

A few hours before the deadly shooting, Jake Gardner posted on Facebook that he would employ military tactics to defend his club.

A few hours later, a video posted to Facebook shows Gardner arguing with protestors in front of his bar before he pulls out a gun.

Surlock was gunned down in downtown Omaha in front of Gardner’s Gatsby nightclub.

In the video you can hear several gunshots and people screaming and saying that “he (Gardner) had no right to shoot him (Surlock).

We contacted Nebraska Douglas County Department of Corrections to verify Gardner had been arrested and the conversation when like this.

Me: Do you have Jake Gardner in custody?

Operator: We can’t give that information out.

Me: But your recording says you can give out information about people who have posted bail. Correct?

Operator: OK.

Me: So, did he post bail?

Operator: We can only give out information to people who are still in custody.

Me: So, you're saying he was in custody?

Operation: I’m not saying that. We can only give out information of people who are in our system.

Me: So, you’re saying he is no longer in your system. Got it. OK. Thank you. Have a good day.


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