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100-Year-Old Former Nazi Set To Stand Trial For Allegedly Aiding In The Deaths Of 3,500 Jews

According to the German media outlet WELT, the court in Neuruppin has confirmed the indictment of an unnamed 100-year-old former Nazi guard who served in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp from January 1942 to February 1945.

According to Ph.D. researcher assistant Stephanie Bohra, who works at the Berlin Documentation Center "Topography of Terror," "Murder does not expire, which is why older people have to answer in court. It's about solving crimes and former inmates have the opportunity to report what happened there. "

According to WELT, German prosecutor Thomas Walther represented joint plaintiffs, who added that Sachsenhausen concentration camp was responsible for the murder of some 20,000.

The 100-year-old former Nazi guards alleged crimes include cooperation in executions by gas chambers and firing squad, BBC reported.

The trial is set for the fall.


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